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Vectorizer AI

Category: AI Image Generation
Pricing: Paid

Vectorizer AI is an AI tool which identifies and automatically converts illustrations, live-action images, and raster images into vector format data.

Main Features:

  1. Deep Vector Engine: Proprietary deep learning technology combined with computational geometry algorithms form the core vectorization functionality.
  2. Vector Graph: Allows automated and localized edits to optimize shapes in the vector output.
  3. Full Shape Fitting: Perfectly fits common shapes like circles, rounded rectangles and stars to get clean results.
  4. Advanced Curve Support: Utilizes appropriate curve types including lines, arcs and Bezier curves to accurately model shape boundaries.
  5. Clean Corners: Carefully analyzes and optimizes each corner in the vector graph output.
  6. High Performance: Leverages GPUs for deep learning and multi-core CPUs for computational geometry to deliver fast turnaround.
  7. Sub-Pixel Precision: Detects sub-pixel level features and anti-aliasing to tease out fine details.
  8. Fully Automatic: No manual editing or cleanup required.
  9. Image Types: Works well on logos, drawings, sketches, and even photos.
  10. Pre-Crop: Crop your image first to maximize resolution for best vectorization quality.
  11. Full Color & Transparency: Supports 32-bit images and alpha channels.
  12. Export Choices: Download as SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF or PNG. More options coming soon.

Pricing: $9.99/month for unlimited web images

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